GALIS GLOBAL is a universal wood-processing company that enables our clients to purchase high-quality products at acceptable prices, in full and within a short time, even when it comes to a large volume.

It is possible, because we have our own forest plantations and transport, large areas of warehouse premises with drying plants and several up-to-date hi-tech workshops with new equipment being kept in perfect condition by a carefully selected team of experts. The area of indoor manufacturing workshops is 3500 sq.m.

Europallets and electrical cable spools made by GALIS GLOBAL have been travelling the world for years without any reclamation, and our squared beams, wall panels and other sawn timber might be used for building a small town.

We like growing and processing softwood. We produce various oak, beech, spruce and pine articles. So many companies from all over the world are cooperating with us and we hope that we can fill your needs like no other.

For production of pallets there are used such wood species as pine and spruce. We produce wooden pallets in factory environment complying with all requirements of regulatory documents and certificates.

We are engaged in production and sale of electrical cable spools of all sizes. The up-to-date automated line enables to produce spools of the highest quality according to technical specifications of our clients and partners. We supply our products in configuration you need and in parts.

Availability of several raw material storages allows uninterrupted operation regardless of weather conditions and season.

The company is selling edged solid beech and oak boards characterized by strong durable wood and attractive grain. Size and moisture content of wood are defined specifically in each case according to the client’s requirements and wishes.

We perform phytosanitary treatment and steaming of wood as well as stove it up to the ordered moisture content.

Our motor-vehicle pool consists of special vehicles and mechanisms for loading and carrying sawn timber. It allows providing the production with raw materials promptly and in sufficient quantity.